Cellular South Reveals the Best Android™ Apps for Business; Reminds Users That Android is Also for Professionals

l 315 positiveHorizontal Cellular South Reveals the Best Android™ Apps for Business; Reminds Users That Android is Also for Professionals

RIDGELAND, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It’s no surprise business wireless users are turning to Android-powered smartphone devices in droves. According to a recent study by Nielsen, Android device sales increased more than 886 percent in 2010, overtaking iPhone sales for the first time in Q3 2010, with many of those Android devices getting in the hands of business professionals, IT departments and small business owners.

“With its Super AMOLED touchscreen technology with SWYPE, super fast processor, integrated social networking and sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy S offers one of the best Android device and app experiences available today.”

According to a recent Forrester Research study of nearly 10,000 small business owners, “professionals and small business owners seem to be outpacing the rest of America in smartphone adoption. While only 17% of Americans own smartphones, according to the study, a whopping 49% of small business owners are reported to own smartphones.”

Cellular South, the largest privately owned wireless carrier in the U.S. and a leader in Android-powered devices, understands the functionality, convenience and security Android devices offer business professionals. The company currently offers six Android devices, including the highly-touted Samsung Galaxy S smartphone – all of which provide high-speed data processors, robust messaging platforms and mobile security options that make mobile business on-the-go possible. With more than 100,000 apps available on Android Market, many of which are geared towards business productivity, professionals have a variety of advanced tools at their fingertips.

“Businesses and IT departments are experiencing employees opting for Android phones as corporate communications tools over Blackberries as they offer powerful apps and ever increasing hardware specs,” said Antonio Wells of AndroidTapp.com.

“The business world, along with the wireless industry, continues to evolve. Professionals no longer rely on nine-to-five schedules and a corner office. Rather, today’s professionals travel and need a wireless device that provides them with the tools, speed and security necessary to keep them connected and productive,” said Sherry Stegall, senior vice president for sales and customer operations at Cellular South. “We offer professionals six Android-powered devices in a variety of form factors and prices with industry-leading wireless capabilities and access to thousands of apps to keep them moving up the corporate ladder.”

With its industry-leading Discover Apps app, Cellular South app experts have combed through thousands of apps offered on the Android Market specifically geared towards business professionals and have identified the best apps to help them stay connected and productive on-the-go.

Cellular South Discover Apps Top Android Business Apps:

  • Nitrodesk Touchdown Exchange – This app is a full-fledged mail and calendar client that uses Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync to communicate with your business enterprise mail server. Clear, well designed screens give users a quick view of recent unread mail, upcoming appointments and tasks and there’s a widget that gives quick access to the same information without having to open the application.
  • Documents To Go for Android – With this app users can get their work done no matter where they are. Users can go to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as view Adobe PDF files on their Android-powered smartphone. And since it is full featured and easy to use, Documents To Go for Android is one mobile office suite that makes good business sense.
  • Astro File Manager – Shows users a complete list of files and directories on any Android device, allows users to view images as thumbnails, create Zip files and manage files on internal memory and SD cards.
  • Scan2PDF Mobile – Users can snap a photo and then save the image as a PDF, which can be emailed to business associates.
  • ServerUp – This app is perfect for IT professionals by showing users whether a company server or a Web server is down and sends alerts directly to the mobile device. Users can also perform basic networking tasks, such as a trace route, WHOIS look-up and ping check.
  • Hello Expense – Allows users to enter basic expense details such as lunch meetings, the associated expenses, attach a category and track meeting attendees. The app has a built-in calculator that can be used for adding up expenses and determining tips.
  • Trip It – One of the most powerful travel companions for Android, Trip It allows users to track trip information in terms of hotel plans, airline and car rentals. These details are rolled up into one itinerary that can be saved and shared with business associates. The app also sends travel alerts related to travel plans.
  • Mighty Meeting – The app lets users host slideshows in the Cloud and then access them from a device and play them for clients. Users can also run an interactive meeting – sharing slides over the Web.
  • ActionComplete – The task manager helps users track their busy work lives on their mobile device. Each action is listed on an easy-to-use summary screen. Users can categorize tasks, sync with Web task manager and control the priority of a variety of tasks. MyCoupons is a great way to find local restaurants and stores that are offering specials users may have not found on their own. The program is simple to use and continues to grow with the number of offers available.

“Business professionals have more choices than ever before when deciding on a wireless device for managing their mobile business, and time and time again they’re turning to the power of Android,” said Terrell Knight, director of Corporate Business and Government Sales for Cellular South. “We have the Android-powered devices professionals need and want, along with the industry’s best unlimited plans and a reliable, fast nationwide voice and data network that will keep them securely connected wherever their business takes them.”

Unlike other smartphone app experiences that provide access to thousands of apps, but leave customers overwhelmed and unsure of the best ones for them, Cellular South’s Discover Apps app helps consumers search, find and use the best apps that best fit their professional and personal lives. By combing through the growing list of thousands of Android apps on a regular basis, Discover Apps chooses the very best, most useful, and fun Android apps available today. The recommended apps help smartphone users get the most out of their wireless device – creating the optimum app experience not available with any other provider.

Consumer Reports and Time Magazine can now be added to the growing list of experts, analysts and industry leaders rating the Samsung Galaxy S as the best smartphone available today – beating out iPhone 4. At Cellular South, we’ve known about the device’s superiority for some time and we’re excited it’s getting noticed by wireless users and industry insiders alike,” Knight said. “With its Super AMOLED touchscreen technology with SWYPE, super fast processor, integrated social networking and sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy S offers one of the best Android device and app experiences available today.”

 Cellular South Reveals the Best Android™ Apps for Business; Reminds Users That Android is Also for Professionals

Samsung Galaxy S and Cellular South’s Android Line-Up

Cellular South is making it easy and affordable to own the most advanced Android devices available, providing access to the apps users need. The Samsung Galaxy S, rated the best wireless device of 2010 by Time Magazine and Consumer Reports, gives users a fully integrated entertainment, messaging and social networking experience packaged in a stunning design.

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S, Cellular South offers the following Android devices, one of the most robust line ups in the industry:

  • HTC Wildfire – Android 2.1 and HTC Sense interface technology
  • LG Axis – Android 2.1 and a touchscreen display with a QWERTY keyboard.
  • HTC Desire – HD video recording 720p, Snapdragon processor, 5 MP camera
  • Motorola Milestone – Powered by Android 2.1, turn-by-turn voice-aided Google navigation, video and picture messaging
  • HTC Hero – Powered by Android 2.1, turn by turn voice-aided Google navigation, video and picture messaging

Best Plans for Smartphones

While AT&T and Verizon’s unlimited plans continue to confuse consumers with data limitations and additional charges, Cellular South understands that talk isn’t enough for most consumers today. They want to talk, text, e-mail and use the mobile web at an affordable, flat-rated, simple price. Many also want plans that make smartphones accessible to everyone in the household. That’s why, over a year ago, Cellular South created the nationwide Smartphone Unlimited Plan for individuals and families.

Cellular South’s Smartphone Unlimited Plan is the industry’s most robust and affordable smartphone plan and includes unlimited talk, text, Web, and e-mail for just $79.99, compared to $119 per month for the same services from AT&T or Verizon. The plan from Cellular South also includes a second line, including all of the same unlimited services, for just $39.99. Customers can get two Smartphone Unlimited Plans for the price of only one from AT&T or Verizon with equivalent unlimited services.

“For years we’ve been pricing our wireless plans and services in a way that wireless users don’t have to manage minutes or usage. Wireless users should not have to think before they press send or worry about surprise bills that may come after,” Knight said. “Cellular South customers don’t have to worry about calling circles, rollover minutes, roaming networks, days of the week or the time of day. All our customers need to think about is who they want to connect to next.”

Putting the “Work” Back Into Network

Cellular South knows that a smartphone is only as good as the network that supports it and Cellular South has that covered as well. In fact, the company has one of the most advanced and reliable high-speed wireless networks in the nation and recently announced plans for deploying a fourth generation (4G) mobile broadband network using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

For more information about Cellular South’s Android for business, as well as Cellular South Discover Apps, visit www.celllularsouth.com/android.

About Cellular South

Cellular South is a diversified mobile communications company passionately committed to helping customers get the most out of their wireless devices and services. The nation’s largest privately owned wireless communications provider accomplishes this goal by optimizing customers’ app experience through Discover Apps, providing the most reliable and advanced high-speed nationwide wireless voice and data network, offering industry-leading family and unlimited flat rate voice, text and mobile web plans, and through its online and in-store Discover Centers, which give customers easy, simple and convenient tools, tips, advice and information on how to get the most out of their mobile phone. For more information about Cellular South and its products and services, visit www.cellularsouth.com.