Hakuhodo DY Media Partners: Introducing ‘daiby’ – the iPhone Photo App You Can Enjoy for a Decade

 Rick Daiby image Hakuhodo DY Media Partners: Introducing daiby the iPhone Photo App You Can Enjoy for a Decade

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hakuhodo DY Media Partners released ‘daiby (daily baby story)’, the iPhone app that let’s parents record their baby’s daily growth. Easily manage photos you take with your smartphone in one place, and instantly turn them into a special movie with a touch of a button. Features include: Memory feature for important dates and anniversaries, continuous shooting mode to record your baby’s every move – never a miss a precious moment. Android version of this app will be released shortly.

Feature 1: Easy to use & Sort photos automatically by date. Enjoy photos a decade later
‘daiby’ lets parents create a 30-second movie as a record of their baby’s growth. It’s so easy to get started; just start the app and take a picture. The photos will be saved by date for easy sorting (existing photos can also be added to this app). A guide will be displayed on the screen, letting parents take photos of the baby from the same angle every time.
Comments can also be added to the photos before saving. With ‘daiby’, parents can turn the 100th day, 500th day and 1000th days since birth into special anniversaries. Enjoy using this app 10 years, even 20 years from now. ‘daiby’ is the perfect app that lets parents save special memories and photos with personal comments.

Feature 2: Special Movie Mode: Turn your photos into an original movie with one touch!
Once the photos are saved, they are automatically turned into a movie. ‘daiby’ adds original soundtracks for parents to enjoy the photos and comments as a special movie. Watch the following introduction to get an idea of what the movie will look like.

The story takes place in Tokyo, where a family of three calls home. Yuno, a 2 and 8 month year old plans a surprise party for daddy with mommy, for the special 1,000th day anniversary since birth. At night, daddy comes home from work. Yuno rushes to the front door to greet daddy. It’s not anyone’s birthday…daddy is a bit puzzled. But, what does he find out in the end…?
Watch the moving last scene in this introduction movie:

Feature 3: Vaccinations, Parenting Information & Special Offers…etc. ‘Monthly Information Delivery System’ lets parents receive useful parenting information
The ‘Monthly Information Delivery System’ on this app sends parenting information based on the age of the baby. The app calculates the age of your baby from the birth date – the system sends out important vaccination information as well as information on parenting goods and experiences shared by other parents. This system aims to let first time parents feel less nervous about raising their baby, and to give them a positive experience.
*Vaccination information and experiences shared by other parents will only be provided in the Japanese version of this app.

Feature 4: Easily share photos with the age information on social media sites
Parents can easily post photos to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The age of your baby is automatically attached to the photo in text format – your followers and friends can enjoy watching your baby grow month by month.

Feature 5: To parents all over the world! Multilingual Support & More Features to Come.
This app is for parents all over the world – Japanese and English versions are currently available. Multilingual support, including Chinese, is under way. New features to be provided in the future include: cloud storage for the photos, and more useful parenting information and resources will be available sent out monthly.

‘daiby’ Overview
Availability: App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id549472975
Compatible Models: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (iOS 5 or newer)
Languages: Japanese
Price: Basic version is free. Commercial features include detailed setting for movie mode, additional number of movies saved

Free Version Overview:
- Record new and old photos of your baby with comments
- Turn the photos and text into a movie (30 seconds) with one touch
- Receive relevant information based on your baby’s age
- Save the movies you love

Commercial Version Overview:
- Expanded detail settings when turning photos into movie
- Save more movies
Maximum Number of Photos: Because the photos are saved on iPhone, the maximum number depends on the available space on the HDD (flash memory, ROM) of the iPhone.

(1MB per photo on average)
Photo storage: Data is saved on each individual iPhone (will not be saved on external memory such as cloud storage)
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